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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Saturday, December 31, 2011 @ 12:31 PM
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Notice something different today? I am sure you'd notice a major change in my blog layout! [laughs] As the New Year is approaching,I plan to have a fresh start or a fresh new layout for my blog.This is to welcome 2012 [which is also said to be the end of the world but am ignoring that fact as that would only occur in December,no?,well if it really happens]

This layout tells you of my current obsession.Yes,it is Vocaloid! I am a huge fan of Kaito from Vocaloid.[smiles] Therefore,I did a layout on Kaito. Note that both the characters are the same. Don't they look adorable? hehe~

What have I achieved this year?

1.Have made tons of friends in my new environment.
2.Have became more independent as I am living far from my family for studies.
3.Have gotten an honourarium from my high school which brings back great memories of my schooling years.
4.Have improved a lot in my drawing skills as I managed to draw even more complicated anime characters such as this one.Not only have I improved in drawing anime characters,I have improved in drawing scientifically as well.
5.Have gone through many obstacles where I never thought I could accomplish it.
6.Have became even more braver in facing insects.Don't believe me?My proves are here and here.
7.Have learnt that the future can't be predicted.Sometimes,things don't go as what we have expected.I just experienced a similar one recently and am still shocked when I was looking at my results.Guess,all my hard work has paid of and I am proud of myself^^
8.This is the year where I am addicted to SID [Japan] especially Mao.
9.Have even bake a cake for the first time.Something that I am proud of besides making instant noodles and using the microwave. ^.^v
10.Have bought an anime figurine, Mio from K-On!.Not a great achievement to be included here but I always made it a point to buy at least one anime figurine to be in my collection,though I didn't get to buy Ritsu as she was sold out [cries]
11.Have learnt that they are people who cared for me and that I am never alone.
12.Realized the importance of friends in our life.
13.Have been awake till 12 midnight just to blog/post status on Facebook/Weibo to wish Happy Birthday Wu Chun.Even created a simply image for his birthday.This shows my fangirl side [laughs] I did all this even though he is not even in my friend list but I did it anyway [laughs]
14.Have managed to get lots of views on a single blog post.Guess,celebrity news really has the ability to make a blog famous!
15.Have gotten a new hair style recently [as the last I cut my hair was in January][laughs]

Is this a lot? I know some are not achievements but to me it is![laughs] I hope to be able to achieve more in 2012 and that next year would be a better year!


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