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Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 8:40 AM
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Lab reports are back again!I have two lab reports to do every week but I don't find it a fuss.Why?It is only in lab reports where I have the chance to draw!Of course in lab reports,you can't be drawing anime characters and all that no?haha..

In this week's lab report,I had to do the animal and plant cell structure.It took me some time to start as I don't know which organelle to begin with!There are so many organelles in a cell but I begin with the main component,the nucleus.

I originally thought that my drawings would be big,at least half a page for each cell.That means I can fit in the two cell structures in a page.But..

Don't be fool by its size,it is actually very small on my paper.The two images combine make up only HALF the page!!I can't believe it when I saw the outcome.My first thought was,'Can my teacher see all the organelles?'

Well,since I have drawn it and I have labelled everything there,I will just include this in my report,ignoring the small size of the cells I have drawn.I am satisfied with it as my drawing does look like a plant and animal cell!I guess teacher may think that this girl is such a cheapskate.

Small drawing=less papers=saving the environment

Isn't that a good thing? =)


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