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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Saturday, December 3, 2011 @ 7:31 PM
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Today is the premier of K-On! the movie.I guess it is only available in Japan for now.I'll wait to watch it! This means that it is 3rd December already! 28 days more for 1 January 2012,no?

Looks like I am counting down the days already! 28 is my birth date,what a coincidence! [laughs] Counting as I am excited to know what lies ahead! I guess the first thing I do is to read up on my horoscope for the new year [laughs]

Ya, I do take note of my horoscope but I do not strongly believe it though. Matters like lucky color of the week,lucky day of the week, I would definitely believe them 100% percent! Especially when it is the exam week, you can sometimes see me wearing the same color of shirt everyday! Note that I don't wear the same shirt, just same color but different shirts! [laughs]
Today is a special day for me^^
Note this day.
A day of change.
A day where I did something new.
Yes, I have finally changed something
that has remained the same for so long
What have I done?
What possible dramatic change could I have done?

I have changed my desktop wallpaper!

Okay,I know that was a little over reacting but wait,
don't get angry just yet.
I have a reason for this.

This time's wallpaper is different from my past wallpapers that I have placed as for the first time,I am not placing an anime character as my wallpaper.

See,I told there was a huge change.[laughs] So who did I place as my wallpaper?
Check out below!
Isn't the picture beautiful?! It is an image of Wu Chun ^^ The moment I saw this image.I immediately made it my wallpaper, without thinking twice!! And my current Rainmeter goes very well with the colors on my wallpaper too [smiles]

Wu Chun seems to be giving me that dont-be-online-you-should-study-now kind of look! [laughs] Well,that is true as he doesn't look like he is smiling. Wonder what my mum would think once she sees my desktop...

When I read back this entry,I can't help thinking how random this blog post is! From the new year to horoscopes to lucky days to shirts to wallpapers and finally to Wu Chun.

It definitely has no connection at all! [laughs] Epic randomness!


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