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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Saturday, November 3, 2012 @ 11:29 PM
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It is November already?! [shock]  It has been long since I last updated my blog.Guess I was just too immersed completing all my lab journals and assignments as well as preparing for the 2nd wave of tests.

One of the hardest wave among the tests was Biochemistry.The name itself is already scary to me.Too many pathways to be remembered and not only that,the long names of enzymes are important facts too.I'd say that you can get a headache after sitting for that test as you do use up energy just trying to sort out what you have remembered and transfer it to the paper.The sorting out part is what gives the headache. [laughs]

I'm just glad that I am now left with only one more of the 2nd wave test to encounter.The weather today has been very cold and breezy as it has been raining heavily the whole day.Raining heavily till the rain manage to get pass the small holes of my window and wet my floor.Well,don't worry,it was just a bit of water on the floor and no floods had occurred.For the first time,I felt so glad that I am living in the highest floor. [laughs] I wonder of the condition of the ground floor residents.

The rain was just too loud and the weather was just too comfortable that I didn't felt like studying.Therefore,I started sketching instead.You can always see me sketching if you sit beside me in class.My notes will have some anime characters showing up out of no where as I sketch during class break.Maybe in a 10 minutes break,I can draw at least a complete miniature anime character while chatting with my friends.That is what I normally do [laughs] Maybe I'll dedicate a whole blog post on all my random sketches in my notes [smile]

For now,the sketch I did was based on Kushina from the anime Naruto Shippuuden.

But I didn't sketch based on that image though.This time's sketch requires a lot of work on her long,red hair.Of course,in my sketch,her hair will look black and white.I never had the courage to do a coloured sketch.I was always afraid if I would destroy it instead of beautifying it.

So,here is the 50% done sketch:

I started of by sketching her eyes then her face.I only began sketching her hair after I sketched her outfit.That way, I can estimate how entangled can I sketch her hair to be.[laughs] After sketching her hair,then comes the shading. Here is the completed work:

I can't shade much on her hair as erm,I don't know where else to shade anymore.I was just too focus concentrating on her face and outfit.In the original image,it had her crying with tears while her eyes is closed.I tried adding the tears but didn't work out well,so I erased it off. 

Although I get positive feedback from my friends,I was actually not satisfied with her fingers.I drew her fingers like worms.Those wormy fingers.I guess my friends didn't notice that. [laughs]  I feel that I have improved a lot in shading,knowing that are many other ways to shade other than just to blacken the image.

Tomorrow I shall start looking at my Immunology notes.Hopefully I can accomplish studying more chapters too.For now,I'll just get some sleep.
Goodnight! [waves] 


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