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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, November 5, 2009 @ 8:58 AM
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In the last semester,I had Fridays as my resting day (as there was no classes on that day).In this semester,I have Thursdays as my day off.I prefer to have Fridays as my resting day because I will have Saturdays and Sundays as holidays too.Three days in a row with no classes.Well,having Thurdays as a day off is no really preferable because there is classes the next day.

My Fridays classes starts as early as 8 in the morning till 4.30 p.m.!I will feel lazy to study whenever I think about the hours I will be spending there.Most of my classmates are from other states and having classes on Fridays does not encourage them to return to their hometown for only two days (Saturday and Sunday).

Although to day is Thursday and it is supposed to be my resting day,I have tons of things needed to be completed.Let's see mt to-do-list for today:

1. Physics Tutorial (to be discuss tomorrow)
2. Biology Tutorial (didn't mention when to be discuss)
3. Biology summary on a whole chapter (didn't mention when is the due date;probably next week)
4. Physics assignment (dues next week)
5. Maths assignment (dues this month end)

I need to be studying too as my mid-term exams are coming soon!!Time flies when you're having fun..


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