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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, October 2, 2009 @ 1:57 PM
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I have no confidence at all when I was studying for my Chemistry exam last Tuesday.From my previous blog posts,I guess you do know that the subject I hated most is indeed Chemistry.Whenever I read or study Chemistry,my head will always tell me that I will fail this paper and that there is no use of reading it.I have not even sat for the paper and I already have these negative thinking in my brain.I guess,this is because I have low self-esteem in this subject.I didn’t listen to my brain and continued studying to excel in that paper.

How will you feel if you did not get a good grade for your test?Do you feel disappointed with yourself?
If you do feel disappointed ,then that is all due to your self-esteem which is creating a temporary shock on your emotions.People with low self-esteem tend to be easily exaggerated by the results of the things they do.If you feel that you have low self-esteem,why don’t you try to build up your confidence from now?I will share with you some tips which can help fight this negative spirit within you!

Firstly,you must have fun and try to relax.Get your mind off things which makes you feel down and sad.You can do so by spending time with friends,taking a walk outside,start a hobby or watch a movie.This method always works as your mind would be calm and you can forget about your worries when you are concentrating on something else which you love!

Secondly,always remind yourself of your achievements and potencies.Try listing out what you like about yourself.Doing this will let you know where your weaknesses and strengths lies.Always remind yourself of your accomplishments that you are proud of so that you will have the motivation to excel in what you are doing!

Thirdly,try practising basic self-care.Exercise regularly by working out in gyms,have a healthy and balance diet and get enough sleep.A healthy body is important if you want to excel in something.

Next,reward yourself for being able to accomplish a task.Buy yourself a little gift or give yourself a treat when you achieve good grades.I always do this step whenever I achieve something that I wanted.It is one way how I encourage myself to do better in other upcoming tasks.

Finally,you can seek help from friends or family members. Whenever you feel down or gloomy,try talking to them and ask for advice as family and friends are the main source of emotional support!

I hope that my tips helped you in giving ideas to overcome low self-esteem.Fighting back this negative spirit is important as this is the main factor that blocks us from achieving or going to the next level.

A new layout at last.I was bored looking at the blue layout so I decided to choose a really different colour or the opposite of blue,RED!!I guess it is too stricking but I love stricking colours.I hope this layout does not kill your eyes.lols


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