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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, October 22, 2009 @ 9:41 AM
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The start of the second semester begins.Hmm..I don’t even know how to start writing about it.Basically,there is nothing much to do since it is the second week of studying; which means no homework and assignments on my table yet.I am still trying to remember my classrooms without referring my timetable notes.Almost all subjects of each day are in a different classroom which makes it harder to remember.

I am quite comfortable with the teachers teaching me this semester.Of course there will always be a favourite teacher and a not-so-favourite teacher in every semester,right?lols,that is bad of me.But that is a fact,right?

I will be learning two major sectors in Biology for this semester.One is on evolution and the other one is on ecology.I am currently learning Evolution and I do find it interesting!My Biology teacher always tries to make the class livelier and fun with his additional facts and general knowledge which makes us see the subject in a different way.

I heard that my English teacher is a new teacher.I bet he must be nervous teaching us as we were very quiet in his class.Whenever he asks a question,we would all be very silent and be looking at our books.Before he ends his class,he would asks us 5 questions and ask us to do a group discussion.This is the first time I heard questions like ‘define paralanguage’, well, definition questions in English.I would cheat by referring my friend’s dictionary.

In Maths,I will be learning things which are more or less are pretty similar with what we studied in Form 5.The only difference is that there are much more formulas to memorize!In Physics,I will be learning more on Electricity and Magnetism. I am trying hard to understand electricity (my main weakness for now).We now have the chance to create our own website in our Computer Application subject. You must be wondering what I will be doing about since I already have 4 websites on my own .I am still thinking on which anime to do.

I also bought some textbooks too (which I think I will need it for future reference).You will need to buy new textbooks almost every semester and those books aren’t that thin either.I might have a big hole in my pocket soon!

I have created a new graphic today!This time,my graphic features Jiro from Fahrenheit!lols.Please put a link back to my blog if you are using it for personal purpose ,okay!I hope to do graphics on all four of the Fahrenheit members.Now there is only Aaron and Calvin left for me to do.This is how I rest my mind after studying for the whole week.Weird,no?


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