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‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 1:25 PM
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Konnichiwa! Since I have learnt Japanese before,I feel now is the time I try learning more and improve myself in this language. Therefore,I had recently watched a Japanese drama called Mei-chan no Shitsuji,a drama adapted from the manga.

The whole cast of the drama.

This drama was broadcast in the year 2009 and has 10 episodes.Due to the small number of episodes,I managed to watch them all in just two days. [laughs] If you love watching butler themed dramas,then this is the drama for you!I wanted to watch this drama initially because Mizushima Hiro is the main lead of the drama.I have watched one of his dramas,Absolute Boyfriend, and he only played as a supporting role there,he acted well in this drama! [smiles] 

       From left: Sato Takeru as Shibata Kento
                           Mizushima Hiro as Shibata Rihito
                         Eikura Nana as Shinonome Mei

The story talks about a girl called Shinonome Mei,who lost her parents in a natural disaster.She was later followed Shibata Rihito who is a S Rank butler (outstanding butler),claiming to be her 'butler'. She then finds out that she is actually the heiress to a fortune and was asked to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, a girls' school where all the students have butlers. She was hesitant to go but when her only source of income,the udon stall, was destroyed due to an explosion,she had no choice but to follow him and a new journey begins! 

St.Lucia Girls' Academy occupies a huge land where their transportation to school is a helicopter.Aside from all the butlers,what makes this school interesting is that it has ranking for students depending on their achievement.

The lowest rank is Ombra (Shadow Rank).Ombra is a the first rank you get when enrolling into the school.The hostel for Ombra rank students are like..err..abandoned house.
The higher rank is known as Luna (Moon Rank).Most students are known to graduate with this rank.The highest rank is known as Sole (Sun Rank).One person from this rank will then be chosen as Lucia,the main head of the school.It is hard to get to this rank but this rank allows you to interfere with the school's laws or gives you the power to enforce new laws with the concern of Lady Lucia.

                          The antagonist: Lady Lucia (Hongo Shiori) with her butler,Shinobu.

The ranks of students also affects the attire of their butlers.So,I can say that the butler's attire is his pride.How do you increase your rank? Well,you will need to collect Stellas (jewel stones,the color is different according to your rank) where for an Ombra,you will need to gather 10 Emerald stones to proceed to the next rank.

Mei's childhood friend, Kento, decides to enroll in the same school as a butler apprentice so that he can stay close to her.Just when Mei was getting along with her butler,Rihito,conflict occurs when she founds out that Lady Lucia is in love with Rihito! Many unfortunate events occurs where certain students are forcing Mei to leave the school!What are their motives? Will Kento be able to win Mei's heart? Sounds interesting? Click here to watch the full drama! It has English subtitles too,very convenient right? [laughs] 

I personally like their school as they have rankings where it encourages students to excel better in their studies.This school not only has the basic academic subjects,it also has foreign language studies and music (where in this drama,students were seen to be playing the violin) Of course,what more can you ask when you have a butler by your side cheering for you and also makes you meals everyday [laughs]

"Fight for your future,fight for the ones you love."One thing I learnt from the series.You will never know what happens next if you don't make the first move.The bond between butlers and their lady,we can relate that with our bonds with families and friends.How precious are they to you? How far are you willing to protect them?

Now to choose a favorite character.Hmm,tough choice..but if I really had to choose one,it would be Shibata Kento.His honesty is admirable and has cleared many misunderstandings.He is also one of the most lively characters in the story.One that brings laughter! [laughs]

I guess this must be one of the longest post I have ever wrote! [laughs] I hope you enjoyed reading and most importantly,understood what I wrote! [laughs] Jaa-ne!


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