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‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, August 28, 2009 @ 2:42 PM
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I have received my English essay topics last Monday and am quite in a dilemma now on which topic to choose.One is on the importance of having a degree and the other one is how to curb online games addiction.Both topics are quite challenging and since this is English (my favourite subject!),I would prefer to choose the most challenging topic which is on online games addiction.

Online games addiction..It is easy to find for points but it is hard to elaborate on those
points.When I first copied down the topics,I felt that doing this topic is more interesting as I love playing games as well.The only difference is that I don’t play games online.I download games and play them offline.I have solved lots of games and currently, I am playing a game called Aveyond.Maybe you should try playing that game,too.It is fun and full of challenges!Okay,this is out of the subject already..

The first point that comes to mind on curbing this addiction is to throw away the computer. When you don’t have the computer with you,you won’t use the internet and when you don’t use the internet,you don’t get to play games online.Easy!That way,you will forget about those games easily as well.

The second point is that PC shop owners should sell less PC games in their stalls.When customers sees less selections of games on their shelves,customers would not buy games and start being addicted to those games.Another easy solution!

Well,there is no need for a third solution as the first two solution would obviously curb online games addiction.lols.Please don’t try my crazy solution to curb your online game addiction ,okay!I would never throw away my computer to get rid of my games.I would rather delete off those games.But that is a hard thing to do since you are so attached to that game.If the PC shops sells less PC games,I don’t think they will gain a lot of profit as they are depending more software games and programs.The points I gave were my first thoughts on this topic and is one way of pleasing myself.
My friends were laughing away when they heard my crazy ideas.I think you laughed too,right?

Well,if you really want to curb online addiction ,then you should visit this site, site provides some useful tips and I hope it helpful for you.I am currently busy completing my physics assignments and English essay.The due date is next Tuesday so,I better hurry!


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