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Friday, September 4, 2009 @ 11:44 AM
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Topic : Explain how to overcome online game addiction

Playing online games helps players to escape the reality of things. This means, giving up almost everything else out there in the ‘real world’ and set an environment for the players to be comfortable with. These games causes addiction because players can take over places, run long distances, reach high strength and beat enemies with not much previous training unlike in real life. Anything done in excess is unhealthy. So, what can one do to maximize the fun in online gaming without neglecting other important aspects of life? Players can overcome online games addiction by minimizing time spent on online games, outdoor socializing and interference of family and friends.

Players should realize and accept that playing online games for long hours is a problem; people tend to neglect social responsibilities and tasks. Identifying the problem is the first and most important step in overcoming it. Secondly, players should schedule their play time. Play only a couple of hours after study time. Finding the right individual guild is essential. Do not commit to hardcore raiding guilds that requires a player to spend time playing on the internet. Play casually, enjoy the company of others and play at one’s own pace. It is just a game and everyone deserves to have fun the way they want.

Obsession towards online games could make an individual lose a social life. This is bad for health as they will not move often while playing online games. Players should take up outdoor activities. Think of these as real-life quests.Besides keeping one healthy, players will also learn a thing or two by being outdoors. Pass the time by going out for vacation or be active in sports. Spending time with loved ones shall refrain oneself from being addicted to online games. Keep a close connection with family and friends as loneliness is a killer in disguise.

Online games are addictive because the players do not have the will power to control their urges. Players with these addictions need support from family and friends. Family members can help by monitoring the player’s online timing. A friend can help with the game by getting the in-game items wanted such as request help in buying healing items or solving minor quests of the game. Players will only need to solve the important parts of the game. This will shorten a player’s time in solving a game. A helping hand is always a great way to solve a problem.

Surprisingly, the ideas above are more effective than uninstalling the game from the computer. Although online games provide an instant satisfaction, players tend to neglect their family and friends by isolating themselves in a room with their computer. As a result, these players will lose their socializing skills. Online game addiction is a disease which requires ongoing treatment for a recovery to be seen.


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