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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 @ 2:50 PM
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I have always wanted to change my blog layout as I was with that layout format for more than a year.Now that I have the holidays,I had the time to go blog walking to many blog layout websites.

The old layout 

I only went blog walking for a day and immediately did the edits for a new layout!What changes and additional features have I added?

You can now leave comments for each of my blog post.A function where it is often neglected as I felt the Tagboard was enough.Not sure if anyone would comment but just included it anyway =)

Two-sided navigations
This makes the blog look more organized compared to the previous one where I had to squeeze in some widgets into one category.This time each widget has its own category in the navigation.

That was something included with the layout.I find it convenient so I just left it there.It even highlights on what date is today.Too bad it does not indicate the public holidays,still I'm gonna leave it there and never take it off!

Music Widget
This is my first time placing a music widget.I only placed two songs in the widget as a lot of work is required to place the songs.The first song in my mind for this widget is obviously "It's a wonderful cat life" by Pokota and Hanatan since the layout was done based on this song.Though the image of the character is not from this song.

The first song you are listening to is "Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder" by Kagamine Len.This song has a slow start so you won't get a heart attack while reading my blog post.The 2nd one has a high pitched start,I wouldn't want any of you to get afraid of my blog,so I placed it as my 2nd song.Don't worry,I didn't include the AUTOPLAY option,so you can play it at your on will. [laughs]

I had a Twitter account for quite some time just that I have never told anyone about it.Now I am officially saying it out! [laughs] That widget allows blog viewers to see my recent tweets.Not only that,viewers can also reply,favourite or retweet my tweets from that widget.How cool is that?! [smiles] Another reason I placed it is because I have little followers,so this is a publicity stunt of mine too.Please be my follower okay? [laughs]

Of course the most noticeable one is the theme layout!The previous one was purple while the current one is blue.The edited image above features Syo.I currently have no addiction to any characters so I decided to just place a random character.The image was of good quality,so I just go for it!

Can't believe I can rant a lot on just my layout.Oh well,bye for now!
Heard that the nights during the 21st or 22nd will be longer than usual,let's wait and see about that!


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