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‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, February 24, 2012 @ 7:58 PM
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Gonna share an experiment I did in the lab recently.I don't remember when was the last time I blog about the experiments I have done.Hmm,maybe 2 years ago?

This experiment requires the replica plating technique to be done to transfer members of colonies to a selective environment.Meaning to say that the manipulated one here is the type of agar used in each plates.The only bacteria I and my lab partner used in this experiment was the Serratia marcescens.

A preparation of dilution series had been conducted to obtain a plate with 30 to 100 isolated colonies.
This plate happens to have the most number of colonies therefore my team choose this plate as our 'master plate'.
Replica plating was done by using the replica plating block which was covered with sterile velveteen cloth over the top.Invert the block over the agar surface and was transferred to a plate with minimal salt and glucose.We also transferred it to a nutrient agar.The two plates were then incubated for a day.
Here are our results..

Minimal Salts With Glucose Plate

Nutrient Agar Plate

More colonies can be observed in the nutrient agar plate as it contains all the nutrients needed for the bacteria to grow whereas the other plate had minimal salts with glucose,well I guess the title of that plate had already given the answer. [laughs]

I love the image of the colonies on the nutrient agar.Even my lecturer took our plate instead of throwing it away.This means that we did the experiment well,no? ^^


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