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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 7:04 PM
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A new semester has just begun for me.This means,the start of a whole new cycle again. How am I feeling now? Kinda have a mix feeling as I am feeling excited to learn new things and at the same time sad that I have to be away from home.

It is the year 2012 where it is said to be the year where the world ends.Well,at least that may only occur end of this year.So if it really does happens,there are still so many days for the end to come.So I guess it is time for all of us to spend our days wisely.That was one of my plans for this year.To make sure I can do that,I will have to refer to my new timetable for this semester.Since the subjects I am taking for this semester has more credit hours than my previous semester,I was expecting for a very hectic timetable.

I have just only received my timetable and wow, it was not as what I have expected. I thought that I would have a busy semester but my timetable is almost the same as my previous one,hectic on some days and free as a bird on certain other days.I am mainly busy on certain days because of the 3 hour lab classes.Other than that,I am happy with it.Looking at my timetable did make me feel motivated to start studying from now itself.I always feel that way in the beginning of the semester.Hopefully,my burning motivation will remain this way all throughout this semester!


Yeah,I wanna have that sort of flames and motivation,like what this Pikachu has. [evil laugh] Motivation and trust are two important factors when studying.You need to trust yourself that you can do it and from there,you will be motivated to overcome your weakness.

So I started of by getting my online notes for this new subjects.To my surprise,one of my lecturer uploaded quite a number of things online! She has uploaded 4 chapters of notes,one assignment and two group project works already! The first class hasn't even started and it is just the first week!She even mentioned that she wants to have an extra class tomorrow!Like wow,first week itself and there's an extra class? To my friend,Haz ,looks like I have found someone who is more efficient than I am.

But I am happy that she placed the extra class tomorrow rather than later on as this week is the week where we are all free with not much work to do.Uploading all the work allows me to be much more prepared and have an idea on how to answer them.In order to answer them,I will have to go for lectures first! [laughs]

My mind is just thinking about the coming Chinese New Year.I can't wait for the holidays. I never realize that I have been typing so much for this post! [laughs]


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