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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 5:25 PM
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My new semester has been going on smooth and steady so far.I hope it will remain this way.Yes,a calm and peaceful semester.That is all I want.Where there is less stress and workload.I doubt that.I have 4 subjects this semester so that would only be like a dream for me.(laughs) It is September already?!Time passes by really fast these days.It does feels a little scary though (laughs)

So,it is that time again.The word of the month.This is my third entry on this challenge. (smile)For recaps,here is my 1st and 2nd.What is this month's word of the month?

The word is 'student'.

Hmm,student.I guess I can write about my life here in my university.So,this means it is the right time to complain now too,right? (laughs) Life in university has a lot more freedom as you are completely on your own.It is up to you to decide when to everything or in short,time management.Maybe now I can talk about some of my classes' environment in this post.It is considered as the place where I spend a a few months of my life as a student too,right? (laughs)

Being a hardcore fan of anime and SID [Japanese music band],I have always been super excited whenever entering for my Japanese class.As I am expected to know to read,write and speak Japanese by the end of this semester,I start to have that high level of motivation in me to know everything my lecturer teaches by hard. (laughs) That high level of motivation has lead me to sit right in front in class,the first row!Really close to the teacher's table! But my lecturer always seem to choose me,yes me,out of 42 students in that class,I am the 'lucky' one,who is always chosen to answer questions. (cries) This makes my neighbors feel save sitting beside me as they know that I will always be the chosen one.Being the "chosen one",that sounds like one epic sentence there,huh?No,it is not epic at all in this case. (sobs) I have to always be alert in that class as questions can be aimed at me anytime! Hah,but don't worry,I can answer almost all the questions (using some of my knowledge of watching too much of anime) The class is very lively and exciting as there is lots of jokes and laughter when learning Japanese,especially the pronunciation!

Today,I went all the way to my class just to find out about that dreadful sentence,"The class is cancelled".This is not the first time this class has been cancelled.It is actually the second time! (laughs) My lecturer should have informed us before class about this as some students even drove all the way to university just for this one class.I know I should be happy that class was cancelled but I wouldn't be happy to have replacement classes for it. (sigh) Not forgetting that I walked all the way to my classroom for nothing (grins)Maybe I should take it least I did exercise today.Good one,right?I still am thinking negatively on this as I hate my classes being replace during my free time!I really love being free all day! (laughs) This lecturer makes our class a fun one all the time so I was eager to attend that class.Why did that class cancelled? (cries)

Assignments and lab reports are now piling on my table.Well,at least my lecturers were kind enough to give us more time on completing them (smile)Now most of my assignments are gonna due in a month's time.That is good of them,no? (smile) At least they don't give out work at the very last minute and demands to submit it the very next day.That would be a very tense moment for all students,right? I guess every students hates assignments.Which would you hate more,exams or assignments?In that case I would hate exams more as it depends more on whatever you have learned.You can never refer during exams.At least assignments allows you to discuss or even find answers online.So,assignments,I love you! (laughs)

Imagine having this man as your lecturer.

It would be a scary environment where all students will be studying in fear.No students would ever dare to sleep in his class again.Don't worry,I am not like that sleeping guy. (laughs) I don't sleep in class as I am always sitting in front in class.I wouldn't dare to do that in front of my lecturer! Well,I do sometimes day dream,though... (so honest of me =_=" )


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