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Hey,hey what are you doing?
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If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, August 13, 2009 @ 7:08 PM
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This week has been a busy week for me as I had to study Biology for my mid-term exam. The exam was held this morning in the classroom. I studied very hard for this subject as Biology is a subject which contains lots of facts. The questions which came out in the exam were not as hard or brain cracking like the Physics paper. I find this paper easier and I actually finished the paper in 30 minutes! I can’t believe my eyes when I looked at my watch. This is my first time finishing Biology paper in such a short time. Well, I really do hope that I get good grades for this paper.

After the paper, I had 4 hours of resting break. As usual, I went to the library while the rest of my friends went back to the hostel, which is near to university, to sleep on their beds .I felt so bored in the library and I didn’t felt like studying.So,I planned to disturb one of my friend.I know he would surely be sleeping peacefully in his room,so,I planned to actually disturb him by giving him a few miss calls.
He didn’t pick up the phone which means he is really,really sleeping till’ he didn’t notice his phone ringing.Then,I stop disturbing him and continued chatting with my friend who was with me in the library.After 1 hour,I received tons of calls from him.I could not answer him as I am not allowed to receive calls in the library.My friends then came up with an idea to disturb him.They told me to send him a fake message saying that he missed an extra class.Well,I did followed my friends’ idea and immediately sent him the message.As expected,he was so shocked and asked me if it was true.I,of course untruthfully answered that the news was true.Then, he didn’t reply my message anymore.I assumed that he knew it was a fake news and left it like that.I went out of the library and met him there.He came with his friend,who is my classmate,asking me about the fake class.I was actually running away from him as I felt bad doing so to him.Surprisingly,he was still doubtful about the class!! I then confessed that I lied to him about the fake class.Well,you should have seen his reaction when he knew this as he was angry and yet smiling as well.After looking at his reaction,I ran away from him as I know that he would be scolding or beating me up with his thin fail/briefcase.I have learnt my lesson and I promised him that I would never come up with those fake messages again.Well,my friend,if you are reading this,I would like to apologise about what I had done.Maybe I should treat you out.Wow,now I really hope that you are not reading this!It was a bad way to disturb a friend but ,then again,I was really bored!!

I have completed watching Absolute Boyfriend’s Special Episode.It is happy to see Night coming back to live but it is still a sad ending too.I was trying to figure out a happy ending for this series but after thinking hard,I can’t think of any happy ending for this series.This is sad!!

I also done an experiment yesterday.It was an interesting experiment as it involves leaf and pigments.This experiment is called Chromatography.We had to cut and blend the leaves in acetone to get the chlorophyll.The smell was horrible.You should wear a mask when you do this experiment.That is an advice from me.My group managed to get 4 colours.Dark green (chlorophyll a),Light green (chlorophyll b),orange (Carotene) and yellow (Xanthophyll).We didn’t get to see Phaeophytin but I was satisfied that I managed to get 4 colours.

Next week,I have my Chemistry exam on Tuesday.Looks like I will be studying Chemistry tomorrow.I have to forget my Biology facts in my brain first to do so!


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