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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, August 21, 2009 @ 9:41 AM
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The dissection of a rat in our last Biology experiment.Our main objective for this experiment is to observe the main structures of the circulatory system and to draw/label the structures of the circulatory system.Since I am good in sketching,drawing the circulatory system was not a problem for me,although it does look a bit complicated,though.

Okay,lets skip all the theories of the experiment and go straight to the point.We were studying Biology in class when we saw a man entering in class.He was carrying a cage with 4 rats.Those rats we kinda cute as they have white fur and were playing in the cage.
My group members was admiring the rats,telling to each other how cute the rats,instead of concentrating with the Biology class.Well,I was also looking at the rats instead of concentrating with the class,too.My teacher spoilt our mood by informing us that the rats we were supposed to dissect have arrived.My group members and I immediately show a sour reaction.We are looking at our rats that we are supposed to dissect a day before the experiment (the dissection experiment was the next day).

Before dissecting the rats,we had to make the rats pass out.That is an important step as we would not want it to run away when we want to dissect it (I actually want to use the term ‘cut it’ but it sounds too cruel to be used here.)It took us 20 minutes to make all 4 rats faint.Here is our group’s rat,lying motionless on the table,without knowing what we are about to do with it.Looking at it lying so still,can I not do this experiment?.

The most cruel part was that we had to pin it’s both hands and legs so that it would be easier for us to dissect it.
Well,we had to do it eventually to obtain our results and complete our laboratory sheet.I didn’t do the dissecting or the pining of the rat.I was only the spectator there,watching my friends doing the murdering part.We were provided with gloves and masks for this experiment (makes us feel like we were doctors).

My friends dissected it with a heavy heart.They first cut the skin carefully using a pair of scissors.Then,there is another layer beneath the skin which is the muscle cells.You have to be really careful in this stage as you might cut its veins or arteries. Well,my group member accidentally cut one of its arteries and blood was seen pouring out.My members were really shocked and felt bad towards the poor rat.During the cutting session,there was no blood at all in the rat.If you cut yourself,there will be blood,right?No wonder rats don’t need plasters.My members have successfully dissect a rat! I was just the photographer of the group,snapping pictures every minute of them dissecting it.Here are two pictures of our end results.I sure hope that you have taken your meals before looking at these pictures..

We did ask teacher if we could stitch it back (as if we are professional doctors) as its heart was still beating even after we cut it.Since we can’t stitch it back,we examine/disturb the organs in the rat.We left the rats in the laboratory and I wondered what happened to them now.
I think it is best for me not to know,right?


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