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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 11:44 PM
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I remembered what I was busy with last year on this day.I remembered blogging about it too. Lucky for me,this year's Valentine's Day falls in the same week as my Chinese New Year holidays.Therefore,there is no test/exams or assignments that stops me from enjoying this day!I am talking as if I have plans for this day huh?Actually,I don't have any. [laughs] 

But you can always celebrate this day with love ones! Yeah,I was with my loved ones,actually with my entire family members.I'm just back from a family reunion trip and am feeling great!It is good to see some of my relatives whom I have not met in many years and some,whom I have not met before..But glad to know them now! [laughs]

I have changed my phone a long time ago from Nokia to Samsung,and knowing that I'm an otaku,I obviously looked up for what sort of anime-related apps that I could download.That was when I come across the term otome games.

Otome games,in my opinion,is a genre of games where it is anime dating games for girls.It is a game where you play the female character and pursue for one of the several available shonens [handsome anime guys] for a romantic relationship.[Don't worry,you can choose all the shonens once you finished a shonen's story *wink* ] The game isn't all about dating,you will have to choose the correct respond to get a happy ending. You might be playing an important role in the story too such as a princess,ninja,celebrity and more depending on which game you are playing.

I'm currently active in a few games such as Be My Princess [GREE version], My Sweet Bodyguard [GREE version] and My Forged Wedding.
Since today is Valentine's Day,I should be more bold and express myself.Expressing my love to a shonen that doesn't exist in this world. [A shonen still counts as a boyfriend to me!] Which guy do I like most? I did talk about him before in my previous blog post.Without a doubt,he is..

Kougami Yamato from My Forged Wedding. The main keyword used to describe him in the game was Nasty. Actually,he is stubborn, rude and sometimes immature but in fact, he is very sweet, cute and overprotective of the ones he loves, gets embarrassed and jealous easily [seriously,he is scary when he gets jealous!] He likes electronic gadgets  a Roomba [an electronic device cleans the floor] which he treats as a pet/family member. He is the only character that actually gave me a nickname.It seems the female character I play always pouts,so he calls me Pouty. [laughs] I initially didn't like that name,what a weird nickname?! But later on got used to it [smiles] I wish I could give him nicknames too,like Tomato [since he does get embarrassed easily resulting in red colored cheeks,like a tomato] Oh yes,he knows how to cook too!Not just simple dishes,but he is able to cook all sort of stuffs that even I am amazed!That comes in handy for me as I'm a lousy cook,I could use the microwave though [ sulks at one corner *sobs* ]  I find my responds in his story is of most similarity. Like what I would respond,is what the female character in the story responds. So I feel,I have most chemistry with Yamato [laughs] When I first saw the word Nasty used to describe him,I did think twice on whether I have made the right choice. In the end,yes I did made the right choice!I never regret choosing him first.I have watched the routes for all the other characters and I still feel Yamato is the best! [blushes].

Some people may find these games childish,but I feel these games does help in letting you know yourself better,or how do you deal with love ones.I feel that I have learnt a lot about myself in these games and in every games I play,I tend to choose characters similar to Yamato's characteristics,I have no idea why! 

There you go,now I have expressed my feelings on Valentine's Day.Although Yamato isn't real,at least I have said out my thoughts on this day.Another 20 minutes more for this day to end.So,I am still not late to wish you guys Happy Valentine's Day! Be bold with your feelings and let your love ones know how important they are to you!


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