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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 9:59 PM
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It is 31st December 2012 and I am still alive on this planet.It was heard that the other half of the Mayan calendar was found,not sure if that is true or not,which proved that the world won't end now.Still,we can take that as a warning,right?

2013 is just a few hours away.Then it will be a new year,a whole new level with challenges waiting for me. I realized that I always hope for a better year.You can see that in my previous posts the year before,I wrote like that too.This time I should change my mindset..

Yes,I WILL make 2013 a good year.I realized that hoping alone isn't gonna help.I have to include effort as well to have a good year.Therefore,that will also be my resolution for next year.I shall do all the necessary things to make sure my 2013 will be a good year,or a year far better than this year.

Whenever there are challenges,just be strong! Be calm and think for a strategy to tackle those obstacles! Yes, 2012 has been a very challenging year for me that I expect nothing less from 2013 as well.This starting to sound more motivational ,huh? [laughs] I can't completely forget my past as the same lecturer will be teaching me in my coming semesters.Therefore,I will have to be ready for them and remember back my past to try my best being their student!

What did I do today?Nothing much actually.I was helping my mum out baking a cake.I guess you might have heard of the Rainbow cake? Yeah,I was helping out with that and had lots of work to be done as there were six layers with different colors.We have done everything and now will wait for tomorrow to see the outcome,the cutting-the-cake time! I'll share some pictures here too ya!Now I am wrapping up my year with a blog post.The last thing I'll do this year is sleep..and wake up to a brand new year! [laughs] Not an impressive thing to do huh? I'm not into countdowns and would rather sleep,but I only do countdowns for my family members,best friends and idols. [laughs] 


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