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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 8:10 PM
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If you could rewind your time, would you change your life?

Well,of course,everyone would say 'YES!!' if they were given a chance to change their past.All the mistakes of the past can be altered,all the wrong choices made can be changed,but every step altered comes a risk.You will never know how that small change can affect your future.Where will you be in the future?Will you be happy?What will you be doing?

There are so many questions but sometimes,you just have to take the risk,no?You can even start a new 'you' when you alter your past.If you were transported back during your childhood time,how will you act in front of your friends if you still have your knowledge? Will you act like a genius in class or to be a normal kid (maybe pretend to have some errors during exams)?hmm,this shows that you will have to plan your new 'life' first before travelling back in time.

Haha.Ok,I know this would never happen but it is just a thought.I still feel that it is better to just stick to the present as it is the past that makes you stronger.No doubt you have your mistakes in your past but hey,what's gone is gone.You have to focus and try make today a better day.With that thought in mind,I am sure you will have a happy and fine day!


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