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Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Sunday, July 19, 2009 @ 7:27 PM
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I went to the cinema today to watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. The duration time of this movie is two and a half hours. That is long and I body does ache a bit sitting for so long. Maybe I am not used to sitting at the same spot for so long.

In my opinion, this movie is awesome as there is more spell casting and suspense. If you have a heart attack, I suggest that you should not watch this movie as there are lots of suspense, sudden actions and movements. But it is the suspense that makes me feel like watching it!
The story is mainly on how Harry Potter will defeat the Dark Lord. There is no battle between Harry and the Dark Lord in this movie (I can’t wait to watch that part).Before watching this movie, I was curious about the Half Blood Prince’s identity. This movie will reveal his identity and that really shocked me. There is love chemistry going on between two couples, Harry & Ron’s sister, Ginny, and, Ron & Hermoine. Watching their love chemistry in this movie does make you laugh. This makes the movie funny and at the same time, have its serious moments as well. This movie has a balance ending, which means, it has a combination of happy and sad. But for me, I felt it was a happy ending, more than it is a sad ending. It is sad because the next movie of Harry Potter will be short of one important character (as that character died in this movie).Once you watch this movie, you can be able to figure out what is the next Harry Potter movie will be about.

I actually took a picture of my cinema ticket. The name stated on the ticket is ‘HARRY POTTER & THE H’.I guess the title of this movie is too long that it can’t fit in the ticket. I think there is no use of me putting that picture, right? I don’t think you can see read what is stated in that ticket clearly. Anyways, you will definitely enjoy watching this movie and you won’t regret paying for it!


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