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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 11:36 AM
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The complicated week is over!Wow,what a relieve!It was like a huge rock disappearing from my shoulders.There were so many things to do that I hardly even touch my laptop!

My English presentation went well.I didn’t forget my script and I talked smoothly.Wel,I did forget my script a bit,but I fixed it using my own words.The presentation was held in the computer lab,so,the environment was not really that scary for me.When I was standing in front of the class,all I can see was the computers and not human heads.I guess they were hiding behind those computers.

My group was the first to do the presentation,so,the other groups were not really paying attention to us talking in front.They were practising among themselves while we were talking.I would be doing that too if I were them.I was nervous at first but once I stand in front and noticed that I can’t see my classmates heads (except for one of my friend’s head who was eager to see me presenting,I tried to not look at him as he was smiling and showing off his white set of teeth.I was afraid that I will get nervous looking at him.),I felt better.I noticed that there were many eyes looking at me,too.But I dare bet that their mind was thinking about their presentation.

My Chemistry quiz.I didn’t have the time to study for the quiz as I was so worried about my presentation.But I did well as I managed to get help from my friends.My Biology quiz,I managed to do almost all the questions.Biology is a subject that I like,maybe thats the main reason I find Biology quiz more easier.As for my Physics test,it was a disaster!What I studied had nothing to do with the questions in the test.I only managed to do 50% of the paper,but I am not confident with my answer.As for the other 50%,I managed to come up with a logical answer,I hope I can get some marks there!My Biology and Chemistry papers are coming soon too,well,after two weeks from now.I will study hard for those papers!

Today is the start of my school holidays,oh yes,I am not in school anymore,university holidays.It is a week holiday (which is too short),so, I think I will rest my mind first and then continue studying. My head still has these Physics formulas which I must try to forget about it.I hope I will enjoy my holidays but I know that I will miss all my friends during this one week holiday!

Here is a song lyric (Distance from Naruto Shippuuden by Long Short Party) that I would like to share with all my friends (that is,if my friends were reading this):

You are my friend
Aah, you haven't forgotten the dream we had that day, right?
You are my dream
Aah, your one longest way was just starting;
Oh, it's time to get moving!

Everyday ahead of us is a shining day
Singin' the shining, never changing morning's smile
This is goodbye to those funny days
Flying out to the future, aiming to go far,
the dream of my spirit!
I'll go the distance!

That sky you can't see the end of is blue
Embarking on a star ship
This is the best forever trip

Thank you my friend
Aah, even now, you haven't forgotten what happened that day, right?
You are my dream
Aah, right, those days won't come back again
Oh, I'll go the distance

I can't hide behind this huge lie i told
I'll take in the truth;
this is my final trip
The game I keep losing
From here on out my one dream has begun

Thank you my friend
Aah, even now, you haven't forgotten what happened that day, right?
You are my dream
Aah, right, those days won't come back again
It has already started moving into tomorrow,
the Flame of my heart that won't extinguish
So, I'll go the distance!


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