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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, July 10, 2009 @ 4:04 PM
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It is a mind cracking week for my class this week as we had two quizzes for two subjects;Biology and Chemistry. The Biology quiz was a surprise quiz and we were not really ready for it as it was our first quiz being here. Our Chemistry teacher told us when she would do the quiz so we were really prepared for it.Well,we did cheat by referring other’s answer and we even discuss secretly for the solutions too.This shows how good we are in class as we help out each other.Thats a good point to defend my class,right?

This week,we did three experiments for our three Science subjects.The first experiment we did was the Chemistry experiment.It was on Redox Reaction.We did the titration process and at the end,my group’s experiment was a success!Well,after failing to get the result we wanted for two times.Although we failed for two consecutive times,we did not gave up on this experiment.We continued doing the experiment and finally,we got the result we had been waiting for!

Actually the picture above is not my end result. It was done half way. My end result solution must be colourless.There is no use for me to put up a colourless solution here so I put up the coloured one which was done half way.My group failed at the this part;to obtain the light yellow colour. I must get this colour first in order to continue with my experiment. My group members were really frustrated doing the same experiment over and over again. I had to take the same solution from teacher again and again till there is no solution left in the bottle!

The second experiment we did was our Biology experiment.It was about identifying carbohydrate and protein.This is a long experiment as we did lots of test to complete this experiment.This experiment requires us to use Benedict’s test,Molisch’s test,Barfoed’s test,Seliwanoff’s test,Xanthoproteic test and Millon’s test.These names seems strange to you?These test are used to detect carbohydrates and protein. Xanthoproteic test and Millon’s test are used to detect protein while the rest are to detect carbohydrates.We used five solutions;Lactose,Sucrose,Glucose,Fructose and an unknown solution that we were supposed to guess.

In the Benedict’s test,there is only one solution with a slight colour change which was Fructose.I don’t know if we actually failed the experiment or not as our end result was supposed to be a brick-red coloured Fructose.Does this look like brick-red?

In Molisch’s test,we had a fun time watching at the violet ring which was formed in the test tube.I don’t think you can see it properly,though,but it has a nice colour,huh?There was a weird thing with our end result.We were supposed to get a violet ring but there are two solutions that end up with green rings.What does that mean?I have no idea.I am honest in writing down my observation in my laboratory sheet so,I wrote what I saw.That is what observation is anyway.My teacher can’t say that I am wrong.

In my Barfoed and Seliwanoff test, my solutions had no reaction or colour changes. It was a failure.Other groups solution had the same results as my group so, we all had the same observation.In Xanthoproteic test and Millon’s test,we used different solutions;egg,milk,gelatine,peptone and another unknown solution.We got the results we wanted in both of these experiment. Xanthoproteic test produces a yellow coloured solution while Millon’s test produces a brick-red coloured solution.

The last experiment of the week was my Physics experiment.It was about the Simple Pendulum experiment.Although this experiment was a piece of cake for us,the calculation part was a headache for us!We had never expected to see such formulas in Physics!I don’t mind about it as for me,Physics experiment is the most easiest for me to do.No chemicals,no microscope and no drawings.

I will be going to Cyberjaya for the Daicon event this Sunday!I can’t wait to be there.I will write about it on Monday and that will be my special post. As for now,I will go and rest.Resting is important too,you know.The problem is,I may have rested too much.I drew an anime character this week.With this drawing,I will end this post.(wow,this is too dramatic 0-0 )


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