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Hey,hey what are you doing?
Why are you not paying attention to me?
If you ignore you might lose me,
Look only at me now!

‘‘Look Only At Me!’’
Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 9:15 AM
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This week is the week I am waiting for.Why?Because it is the Clubs Registration Week.I have to admit that there are so many interesting clubs in this university.Well,there are societies and games to join too.The booths of all clubs,societies and games were very noisy,screaming away to encourage students to join their club.

I will tell you about some of the clubs in my university,okay?There is the Japanese Language Society which came up with many upcoming interesting events such as Japanese Language Classes,Bon Odori Trips,Japanese Culture Week and Japanese Cooking Classes.Their main attraction is the Japan Homestay Program.Students here would have the opportunity to stay in Hokkaido,Japan!Of course,I would’t join the cooking classes but I am interested in their Japan Homestay Program.There is a Robotic Club too.They have lots of competition on robots,Robotic Exhibition,Seminar Talks and Demonstration.I wonder if they could create a robot like the Transformers.Anyways,There is a Performing Arts Club which teaches students to act,dance,sing and event management.Here,students can join as many clubs as they want with no limitations.Thats good news for active and inactive students.

You may be wondering how many clubs I join,right?I only joined 1 club. I don’t plan to join many clubs as I am afraid that I won’t have the time to do my assignments and homeworks.The one club that I am interested in is the Anime Club.lols.I am an anime lover.Thats why I choose this club. Since I only joined 1 club,I will have time to be active in this club.I have registered my name in the Daicon event.

What is Daicon?Daicon is an event that all anime lovers,like me,are waiting for.Daicon an event where all anime lovers gather and have lots of interesting activities to join.I heard the seiyuu who voice play for the role Yuki Nagato (Chihara Minori) in Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya will be there too as Daicon's special guest.Singapore's popular anime merchandise store Kareshi Kanojyo No Mise will be making its first appearance in Malaysia at the convention.As I am a collector of anime figures,I would never miss this oppurtunity to get my hands on some anime figures!There is a cosplay competition there too.Daicon is going to held in Cyberjaya,so,you will see me there.I don’t think you will even know whether I’m there or not.Nevermind,I just hope that I would enjoy myself there.

I plan to join the Japanese Language Society next year as almost all my friends joined this club. Anime Club obviously uses Japanese as their main language,right?I plan to improve my Japanese language skills first before I join the Japanese Language Society. I heard this club even interview each of their members too.I don’t know what questions they would ask. I will ask my friends about that and get prepared.I have to see how busy I would be this year, then decide how many clubs I should join. I think I might only join these two clubs next year. I am not really an active person in sports, so, I’d rather go for indoor activities .A good idea, right?

I did my first Chemistry experiment this week.It is the acid and base titration process.It's okay if you don’t know about it as I have taken a picture of my experiment’s end result.I am proud to tell you that my experiment was a success!I got the result that I wanted,with teacher’s guidance of course,and am happy about it.Next week,I will be doing 2 experiments,one on Biology and one on Physics.I am no longer lost in my university as I know where my classes are.I think I have adapted myself in my university surroundings.

I watched Sassy Girl Chun Hyang last week.I only managed to watched two episodes.Each episodes are about 1 and a half hour.I managed to get the bloopers for this series on Youtube.There are five parts and the bloopers are really funny.There is no English subs,though.But I think you can be able to understand what there are doing in these clips.

I have drawn another anime character today.I have no idea which series this character come from.I found this character on my tissue paper plastic.I was bored,so,any anime character from any source would do.

I hope you are not bored reading my post,though.Please comment any tell me your views about my blog,okay.


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